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Hi! I’m Marina and I'm a Miami-based writer, copywriter and brand consultant. A nomad at heart, I have lived in Saint-Petersburg, Paris, New York and Los Angeles, which has largely influenced my creative process. 

BRAND. In today's oversaturated world, a powerful brand narrative is key. I work with leading companies in fashion, beauty, hospitality and real estate spaces on honing their identity and crafting engaging copy. 

EDITORIAL. An oversharer by nature, I regularly pen Accidentally Adult, a newsletter about navigating grown-up life without a clue. I also cover the topics of fashion, travel and motherhood for

CREATIVE. In 2020, I published my first memoir, Love in Translation, loosely based on my youthful dating adventures. I also co-founded Things In My Mouth, a platform that channeled our consumption epidemic in a novel way. 

When I’m not by my laptop, I'm usually trying to make my daughter into an Instagram star so that I never have to work again.

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