Hi, my name is Marina and I’m a New York-based writer. I grew up in Russia, moved to New York in my late teens, and spent my mid-twenties attempting to "find myself" in Paris. Instead I just found a bunch of bad dates, which inspired me to start the blog Dbag Dating.


In the process I also discovered an affinity for the written word, mainly because it allows me to stay static in my pajamas for extended time periods. Ironically, a lot of the time I'm writing about fashion, either for Vogue.com or for luxury brands such as Bottega Veneta, Bucherer and Prada.


Let's work together! I can write you an article, a brand bio, or a year’s worth of Instagram copy. Just as long as it’s in my pajamas. (Just kidding, I like offices too.)

Need more data? Check out my Resume.


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